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The Franka Emika robot arm takes a glowing stick and draws curved lines with it. The starry sky shines in the background and the Franka Emila logo appears.

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Robot System

Franka Emika Robot System includes the Arm and its Control. The sensitive and agile Arm features 7 DOF with torque sensors at each joint, allowing adjustable stiffness/compliance and advanced torque control. It comes up with a payload of 3 kg, a reach of 855 mm and a workspace coverage of 94.5%.


AI & Robotics Package

Unleash the power of AI, with low-level access to robot´s control and learning capabilities. Set up experiments quickly, with easy-to-use robot features.


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Explore a digital space where you can access documentation, tutorials, tools and code. Join a community of experts and like-minded people to seek advice, exchange knowledge and show off your breakthroughs!

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For the whole spectrum of robotics research, a reference robot platform inclusive of Franka Emika Robot System and multiple programming interfaces.

AI & Robotics Package

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