Unlimited possibilities

Working with Panda

Panda offers the easiest and fastest workflow-based user experience. Using Desk – Franka Emika’s browser based interface – apps can be arranged to create entire tasks in no time. These tasks can quickly be adapted, reused or deployed on multiple robots to remarkably reduce setup costs.

An app for every purpose

Robot apps incorporate the entire complexity of the system and represent modular building blocks of a production process such as grasping, plugging, insertion and screwing. Individual apps can be parameterized by means of showing Panda poses by demonstration, or adding context relevant parameters such as speed, duration, forces, and triggering actions.

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Franka World connects

Franka World is an online platform that interconnects customers, partners, developers and robots!

Franka World provides access to the store where you can browse a continuously growing portfolio of accredited robot apps, software and hardware extensions.

See how you could solve your automation challenges efficiently!

Our ready-to-go solutions are a perfect fit for common applications, as well as can be a great starting point to build upon a more complex automation case. Once you have identified an automation need, contact our sales team and they will guide you through the process.