Redefining Robotics

At Franka Emika – we redefined robotics with the robotic system Panda Powertool, currently the fastest selling industry-suited robot in the world. In pursuit of high-performance and accessibility, we have combined human-centered design with German engineering, giving rise to a masterpiece of technology. Highest mechatronic integration, exceptional soft-robot performance, as well as advanced and extendable functionalities unleashed unprecedented usability, best affordability and unlimited scalability.

Establishing a community

Having set the groundwork by redefining robotics, a broad spectrum of users gained access to an empowering technology. With decades of experience in world leading soft-robotics research, in 2017 we started shipping to experts worldwide to share our breakthrough. Besides elevating robotics and control research, our AI-enabled robot platform is being used by the most renowned Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence research institutes as well as in health care and education. We then established an global partner network of software and hardware developers, distributors and solution providers to transfer our technology into elegant, robust and profitable robot-assisted automation solutions. Panda Powertool thus became the fastest selling industry-suited robotic system within the first year of delivery. Since then, users – from highly-skilled robotics professionals to factory workers of small medium businesses as well as global enterprises – are benefiting from this novel easy-to-use, flexible, cost-efficient and scalable approach.

Introducing Franka World

After redefining robotics and establishing a community, we launched a novel digital robotics platform to interconnect the digital with the physical world. Franka World enables community interaction between researchers, partners, customers, developers, suppliers and... robots to push the frontiers of Industrie 4.0. Besides communication, everyone is able to easily gain integrated access to products, services and management of entire robot fleets, independent of their physical location. We are committed to create novel robotics platform technologies, improve performance and accessibility for everyone to overcome one of the biggest challenges of modern society, relieving an entire generation of tedious, potentially dangerous, vastly time-consuming and monotonous labor. We strive for a world where everyone can use a robot and we can reach that by connecting the world.

Keep creating and think beyond!
CEO & Co-Founder