+When can I buy FRANKA EMIKA?

Shipping the first FRANKA EMIKAs is scheduled to start in early summer 2017. Pre-order FRANKA EMIKA already today here and be among the first ones to get one.

Order for commercial entities: will follow soon

+Where can I see FRANKA EMIKA?

FRANKA will be shown at selected occasions. If you want to experience FRANKA EMIKA first hand stay tuned about upcoming events on our Homepage, Newsletter or Facebook page.

+Can I buy the Research Modules?

The Research Modules are available for universities and non-profit research organizations. We give researchers the best possible interfaces for FRANKA EMIKA in order to develop their own algorithms. Please understand that any commercial activity is prohibited with the research version of FRANKA EMIKA.


+Where can I get specifications of FRANKA EMIKA / FRANKA HAND / FRANKA CONTROL?

You can find our technical specifications in this pdf. Further details including CAD data or tutorials will follow soon.

+Can the user interface of FRANKA EMIKA be used in different languages?

The interface language will be English first. Other languages will follow in the future depending on your demand 😉

+Do I have to connect FRANKA EMIKA to the Internet? / Do I have to save my data in the Cloud?

To make full use of FRANKA EMIKA’s unique features like:
– easy sharing of TASKs between your FRANKA EMIKAs
– direct purchasing of new APPs
– backup of your TASKs
– automatic updates
we encourage you to connect FRANKA EMIKA to the Internet and the FRANKA CLOUD. However, it is not necessary. FRANKA EMIKA works also as a standalone solution.

+How do I program FRANKA EMIKA?

In order to match your application and usability demands we had to go beyond any existing technology and developed the revolutionary programming paradigm DESK. This allows even the most unexprienced user to program a robot as easy as it can be. And yes, FRANKA EMIKA is the first sensitive, interconnected and adaptive robot system. However, DESK allows you to intuitively handle even this complex technology without losing any of its highly sophisticated capabilities.

Tell FRANKA EMIKA what to do:

1. Arrange your own workflows by drag and drop the modular Robot Apps.

2. Parameterize the Robot Apps according to your needs via DESK‘s dialog based menu

3. Take FRANKA EMIKA by the hand and show it where to do what you asked for.

Voilà! You created your own robot application within a couple of minutes.
Press PLAY.

+How can I create my own APPs?

Later in 2017 we will launch FRANKA EMIKA COMMUNITY which will allow developers to create their own FRANKA EMIKA-APPs and solutions and even distribute them via the FRANKA STORE.

+Can FRANKA EMIKA still be moved manually after an emergency shut-off?

Yes, in such a case some of the joint-brakes can be opened in order to move the robot for example out of a clamping situation. Safety goes first!

+Can I connect security-related sensors like door-opening detection, light curtains, safety mats etc.?

Yes, at FRANKA EMIKAs base are safe inputs to connect additional external devices like enabling devices. Safety goes first!