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Panda research


Arm, Control, Desk (€ 9.900,00*)

Hand (€ 1000,00*)

  • parallel gripper
  • fingertips exchangeable
  • includes grasping App

Pilot (€400,00*)

  • to easily teach the lightweight robot
  • to control the Hand

Franka Control Interface, FCI (€ 6.500,00*)

  • programming libraries
  • robot model library
  • motion generation and control interfaces
  • ROS support

Research App bundle  (€ 4.100,00*)

contains of:

  • Cartesian Compliance, Joint Compliance, Collision Treshholds, Apply Force, Line, Lissajous Figures, Spiral, Transport Motion, Modbus wait, Modbus Pulse, Modbus Out, Change Gripper With, Grasp, Joint Motion, Cartesian Motion, Wait, User Interaction, Move Contact, Move Relative, Repeat


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