Panda Powertool

Exceptional soft-robot performance, as well as advanced and
extendable functionalities unleashed unprecedented usability,
best affordability and unlimited scalability.

Positional encoder

14 bit resolution
absolute position and redundancy in joints.

Joint electronics

1 kHz
communication bus, highly integrated and made in germany.

Brushless dc motors

High efficiency
no maintenance during lifetime and high speed.

Strain wave gears

Zero backlash
high quality gear made in germany with
excellent positional accuracy and repeatability.

Cross roller bearings

Robust over lifetime
lightweight design and high rigidity.

Torque sensors

13 bit resolution
excellent accuracy and high sensitivity.

Modular design

7 degrees of freedom
high mechatronics integration and workspace covering kinematics.

Highly rigid aluminum shells

20.000 h
expected nominal lifetime, optimal thermal dissipation and
fully automized large-scale production

Soft-robot performance

Panda incorporates the highest mechatronic integration and is equipped with more than a hundred sensors.
Our payload to moving mass ratio of 1 to 4 was achieved by diligent mechanical design and
development all the way from system to component level.


Pose repeatabillity <+/- 0.1 mm

Path deviation <+/- 1.25 mm

Force sensing

Resolution < 0.05 N

Accuracy 0.8 N

Repeatability < 0.05 N

Force application

Minimum controllable force
0.05 N at 1 kHz


Guiding force ~ 2 N

Collision detection time <2 ms

Nominal collision
reaction time
<50 ms